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Math Tidbits for Toddlers

One, Two,… I have been thinking about math and counting since the last post on “Cooking and Other Science Fun With Infants and Toddlers”. There are so many opportunities to count and notice sets of things. The things you see each … Continue reading

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Cooking and Other Science Fun with Infants and Toddlers

Cooking? Yes, I said Cooking! My cousin has an active two-year old grandson, for whom she babysits a few days a week. I recently suggested that she cook with him, and she laughed of course. I am sure she was thinking, easy … Continue reading

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Terrible Twos? I Don’t Think So

So many people see two-year olds as terrible that the label “Terrible Twos” has become the tagline for this stage of life. Two year olds are not terrible, they are just at a stage when they are trying to establish their … Continue reading

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