Math Tidbits for Toddlers

One, Two,…

I have been thinking about math and counting since the last post on “Cooking and Other Science Fun With Infants and Toddlers”. There are so many opportunities to count and notice sets of things. The things you see each day are great for counting. Nothing, however, is more important to children than their own bodies. Body parts are great for noticing how many there are, and for counting. So I just thought I would remind parents, grandparents, and caregivers of little ones of the Sesame Street classic “I’ve Got Two Eyes”.  If you have been enjoying beginning math activities, counting bubbles or counting fruit or seeds, while doing the cooking activities from last week, you might share this classic Sesame Street song about the number 2 with your little ones. By the way, Sesame Street is still on your local Public Broadcasting Station. So do find it and share it with your little one. It was a ground breaking series that continues to educate and entertain young children with high quality television to this day. Please share with others who have little ones. I would love to hear about how they react, so  comment below.

Number Books

There are many great number books for toddlers. The classic by Eric Carle is 1,2,3 to the ZOO. It is colorful and full of animals that toddlers are learning about. And The Very Hungry Caterpillar also by Eric Carle is a wonderful book about a caterpillar who eats through fruits, before changing into a beautiful butterfly. This one is great to read when you make fruit salad with children. For your little ones who love dogs there is Doggies by Sandra Boynton, which has silly doggies that bark and yap and make sounds or are just quiet.

For infants and toddlers board books are best. They have thick plastic coated pages that are sturdy, and can stand up to being drooled upon, chewed, dropped, and will hold up to rough handling by little hands still learning to handle books.


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