Code ! Ending the Digital Divide

If you have been reading my posts, you know about my interest in equity in science education. I have written about this issue and created programs to give teachers professional development, so that they can provide opportunities for students of color and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math commonly known as  STEM education. My goal in this work is to have students of color and girls to learn about STEM because too often the public schools do not provide a rich education in these fields. Unfortunately, for years science has been seen as only for boys. Parents might unwittingly discourage girls from activities in STEM either because they do not know about the career opportunities, or because they, too, see STEM as a boys only world. Furthermore, there is also a digital divide in America where children of color do not have as many opportunities to learn use computers, and more importantly, learn how to create the code that makes them work for us.

Here’s what I wrote in December 2014 inviting every one to join President Obama in learning an hour of coding.

President Obama Learns Some Coding

I just got an email from and want to pass it on to you and suggest that you join this Group Coding Event.  And if you enjoy it share it with someone. Here is the invite:

70 million down, 30 million to go

When the Hour of Code launched a year ago, we had no idea how fast it would spread. To date, 70M students have tried the Hour of Code…



Barack Obama became the first US President to program a computer, to show that anybody start learning computer science. And in a video message to kick off the Hour of Code, he urged every young person to learn more about how technology works this week. Watch him write his first line of code.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is an organization that works to overcome the digital divide by providing girls of color from 7 to 17 opportunities to learn to code. While learning to code, the program exposes girls of color to careers in technology, which they might not otherwise learn about. To learn about their offerings and programs click on the link Black Girls Code. They have programs in New York City, San Francisco, and the Bay area, and Oakland, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Good news!  They are growing and expanding.

Girls Code is Hiring

Today I received an email from Black Girls Code, which is now hiring. So if you know anyone who is knowledgeable about computer science and coding, or those who want to work for this program in other capacities please take a look and pass this on.Black Girls Code

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