Kick Start Summer Reading with Comic Books

Last year, I posted a piece on Reluctant Readers and Comic Books. You can click the link to read about the reasons for engaging Reluctant Readers with comics. I had visited Barnes and Noble Book Store and found out about the Get Pop Cultured Event. Well, it’s that time again, and with comic book heroes all the rage in films, you can get kids who might not have thought about a trip to the bookstore excited about a visit.

This year at Get Pop Cultured Barnes and Nobles is having a D C Comics free giveaway of comics and posters at Barnes and Noble Stores across the country. The newest comic by DC Young Gothams, as well as, Bat Girl will also be a giveaways along with posters. Old favorites Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash, as well as superhero teams the Justice League, the Watchmen, and the Teen Titans will also be available.

July 8-July 12, there will be activities and promotions and giveaways :

  • DC Entertainment™ Graphic Novels Essentials and Chronology 2015 Catalogs (limited time offer, while supplies last)
  • DC Comics™ Gotham Academy posters (limited time offer, while supplies last)
  • DC Comics™ Young Gotham comic samplers (limited time offer, while supplies last)

Events vary from store to store, but there may include the following: trivia contests, DC Comics™ cosplay, Superhero Storytime, Bat-stache crafting, DC Comics™ drawing demonstrations, LEGO group builds, and a DC Comics™ collectibles showcase.Call your local store if you want to know what they have planned.

So get out of the heat and into a cool Barnes and Noble bookstore to get your youngsters reading. And while you are there there are lots of other books that might also capture their attention and imaginations.

About Dr. Delores Lowe Friedman

Dr. Delores Lowe Friedman is an Educator, Author and Retired Full Professor from Kingsborough Community College, City University of New York (CUNY). She holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Hunter College, CUNY, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University.
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3 Responses to Kick Start Summer Reading with Comic Books

  1. Raven Whyte says:

    I have found comic books, graphic novels, and choose your own adventure books to be a great way to create more interest in young readers who for whatever reason do not find reading to be as captivating as others do.

  2. Dr. Delores Lowe Friedman says:

    I loved them too.. Many children have enjoyed reading comic books because the stories are engaging and the artwork is neat.

  3. So glad to see that you are revisiting the value of comic books as a way to engage children in reading. This sure worked for me when I was a child. I was definitely a reluctant reader until it came to comic books and then it would take a team of horses to pull me away from them. Loved your write-up. It made me want to revisit our local Barnes and Nobel bookstore.