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Having spent close to fifty years in the field of education as a teacher, education columnist and author, and college professor, what I love most is seeing good ideas about learning shared and hearing that children and young people succeed. The synergy of good minds thinking about learning excites me.

I am hoping that Education in Bytes will be that place where ideas about children and learning are shared between and among parents and grandparents, teachers, and all professionals who care about children and their futures. It will be that place where you can ask a question, get an idea, share one, or just enjoy the many ways children bring smiles to our faces as they grow and learn. I hope Education in Bytes will be a place to get parenting tips and teaching tips, and that it will be a educational resource for caring communities. So I will be blogging about topics that I care deeply about, and about those concerns and questions you have. I also invite you to share those stories that relate to parenting, and teaching, working with children and families in the myriad professions that touch their lives.

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Let’s toss some stones into pools and see where the ripples lead.