Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships and Resources

When I started, I wrote about throwing stones in pools, making ripples, and seeing where they lead. Here are some Resources that may do just that. Let us know your experience if you use one, and it is successful for you. We would love to hear your experience, and have it help others.

*Alert Google Science Clubs in Queens Public Libraries

This Program was just launched, so students need to seek out this program immediately if they are interested.

*Google has funded a program in the Queens Public Library to teach coding to kids. William Floyd, the head of external affairs of Google for New York and New Jersey has said, “Diversity is a big goal of ours, and if we want more digital creators out there who look like New Yorkers, we need to go out and find them and inspire them.” Dennis Walcott the CEO of The Queens Public Libraries said this summer program will continue into the school year running with Google Science Clubs. The classes are geared to students from age 9 though age 14.Google is looking to sign up 300 students for at 26 locations. If you are interested I would go your nearest branch of the Queens Public Library and ask about the start date and register. They have not said that students outside the borough cannot join. I would call and ask if all New York students in this age group are welcome. 

“Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards were designed to honor students who demonstrate a gift for art and/or writing, and provide programs across the nation that promote their work.


The founder, Maurice R. Robinson put it this way:

 “…to give those high school students who demonstrate superior talent and achievement in things of the spirit and of the mind at least a fraction of the honors and rewards accorded to their athletic classmates for demonstrating their bodily skills.” 


This program is for students from grades 7 though 12 and encourages submissions in 29 categories.. The programs they sponsor support creative students and their educators in a variety of innovative partnerships, including the Art.Write.Now.Tour, the National Student Poets Program, which was mentioned in the blog post earlier, the Scholastic Awards Summer Workshops and Scholastic Awards Summer Scholarships programs, the Golden Educators Residency, and much more.Take a look at a showcase of award-winning student work. Awards are given in many categories and at many different levels, and scholarship money is also  awarded to attend arts camps, or precollege programs. Adam and Maura.

Science Resource for Scholarships in Engineering and Much More…

Many of you know about my interest in exciting all children about science and math, especially children of color and girls, who as adults are underrepresented in science and math careers. A good friend just read my new post and said she is interested in programs to interest her granddaughter in math. I told her I am researching that for a new post soon to come, but for now here is an important resource that I want you to know about.

(Thanks M. for your suggestion.)

The Society for Women Engineers (SWE) has programs offering scholarships to young women to study engineering, and outreach programs for girls K-12 to help them gain interest in science and engineering. The scholarship programs have deadlines coming up in the next few months so for high schoolers, this is must reading now. But for the out reach for girls information is on-going. There is lots of information on this site, so do visit it soon to see what it might offer you or youngsters you might know. The Society of Women Engineers

NASA’s work is continuing and our Astronaut Scott Kelly has just arrived on the space station, and is beginning some interesting research. Science Teachers can use this work to engage students in science projects here on earth. It also speaks to cooperation between nations and how it can benefit us all here on earth. Go to this link NASA.govwhich has information for teachers and students that will excite their interest in science.